Project: Electrocuted

January 20th, 2012 by Futt

So yeah I don’t update this blog. Ever. So why not start a new one! Actually, this one might get updated as it pertains to my Arduino/electronics projects.

This one is hosted on Blogger, can’t be arsed setting up another WordPress site! I promise I’ll try to update it from time to time.

Oh, yeah – the URL: Electrocuted

Server Upgrade Imminent

November 30th, 2010 by Futt

Sun Netra T1-AC200, Memory and CPUI’ll be upgrading the server hosting FDO in a short while. It’s been running smoothly for a couple of years now, thanks in no small part to the excellent people at Slicehost. Go get yourself a Linux VPS slice for your hosting needs!

Anyway, I’ll be setting up a new slice and transferring sites over one by one. This should only leave minor gaps in uptime as DNS records propagate, but if you have a site hosted here (for which I do not manage DNS) you might want to get in touch.

That means other services such as TeamSpeak will move to a new IP address as well, but if you use the domain name that shouldn’t be an issue.

Creative Commons License photo credit: thskyt

The Craft of Mining

November 25th, 2010 by Futt

MinecraftSo yeah I got addicted to Minecraft =/ It’s a really simple little indie game, but oh so addictive. In short, it’s digital LEGO bricks on steroids. You gather blocks, craft items and build crap.

I think I’ve spent more time on this little gem than on any recent triple-A title, which isn’t saying much I guess, as the EA’s of the world have been churning out unimaginative dung for years now. This is a refreshing change of pace!

Diaspora: social pain in the ass

November 24th, 2010 by Futt

DiasporaSo I have this OCD thing about new technologies, I sorta have to try them at least once before ditching them. Now, Diaspora Alpha has been available for download for some time now, and I’ve been meaning to try it since it does sound like an awsome concept. What’s been stopping me? My rabid hatred of all things Ruby, mostly.

Now I know what you’re thinking, such zealous antipathy against a development platform must surely be irrational and not at all founded in any real shortcoming of the platform itself, right? Wrong. And my recent attempt at setting up Diaspora has done nothing but solidify that position. Don’t get me wrong, I still find Diaspora fascinating as a social networking platform, but the bloated sluggish mess that is Ruby can bite me.

WTF I have a blog?

November 23rd, 2010 by Futt

You! Well damn, it seems I do. I seem to have misplaced it for a while there. Well not really, I’m just incredibly lazy. Oh yeah the blogspot thing… Hated it. Not that I love WordPress but there you go. Maybe I should be looking into alternative blog engines. Habari looked promising, maybe give that a go.

Ah well back to work, for now.

EDIT: So yeah, I thought I’d test Habari at – let’s see how that goes.