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MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, and it's a program to emulate lots of different arcade game consoles. It emulates the hardware; the ROMs must be obtained separately. ROMs can be downloaded from mame.dk, a very complete archive of old arcade game ROMs. There is a UNIX/X11 version of MAME called xmame.

Please note that using these ROM images without owning an original arcade ROM card is probably in a legal grey-area, as they are protected by the same copyright laws that protect ordinary PC software. However, no legal action has yet been taken against users or distributors of ROM images for emulators.


[ left: puzzle bobble 2 - right: sonic wings 3 ]


I have a small collection of ROM images available here. Please note, that in order to use any of these ROM images, you must own the original ROM card for that game. Please, no piracy!

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Other emulators

There are emulators for a huge range of different hardware platforms. Bo Gøran Kvamme has information and resources for some of them here.
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