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Eärwen Island project page
I put up a project-page for our MUD project - Eärwen Island. You can read more about it here. We are looking for people interested in making this virtual world more or less from scratch - please contact me.
MS SmartTags disabled
Added code to the header of all documents to disable Microsoft IE 6.0 and Office XP Smart Tagging. For more info on SmartTags, see this document.
Code cleanup
Did some code cleanup; we now validate with both the W3C HTML 4.01 validator, and with the CSS v.2 validator (check links at the bottom of main page).
Errors HQ back up!
Errors HQ bbs is up and running!! Check this page for more information. Please join!
Crossfire 1.0.0 out!
The Crossfire Realtime RPG has been released in a new version - 1.0.0. Grab it or read more about it here!
Image gallery update
Added a few new images to the image gallery. The gallery section has also been revamped, among other things with a database backend. Check it out!
Installed geneweb here in an attempt to find my "roots". Not many entries yet, but I'm working on data gathering at the moment. Watch this space!
Crossfire update
The crossfire section has been updated, added the new 0.98 version of server, client, maps and arch.
Privacy statement
Made a privacy statement for those conserned with their privacy...
Why this site is in english
Added a page explaining why this is all written in english, and not norwegian.
Wiki Wiki Web
As part of an experiment with wikis, I have added my own wiki wiki web to play with. Do add your writeups!
Geek Code
Finally got around to making my geek code block. Check it out!
Need to reach me?
Well of course you do! Check out the "Whoami" section!
Web camera
I put up a webcam at work! See it here!!
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