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A few words about me

It's not much, but I hope you will find something that interests you here.

These pages are best viewed with some sort of web-browser, using 16 bit color depth and probably a resolution greater than 640x480... Note that www.futt.org relies heavily upon cascading stylesheets.

Otherwise, this website is designed with functionality and ease of navigation in mind, while trying to limit the amount of graphics used. Please note that as far as possible, no proprietary Compuserve GIF files are used - only the open, unrestricted PNG and JPEG formats.

Technical data:

Date of birth:.....13/02/74
Place of birth:....Bergen, Norway
Address:...........PB. 148, 5110 Frekhaug, Norway
Phone:.............+47 56170942

Well, some words about me. I was born on feb. 13th, 1974 in Bergen. I've been obsessed with computers since I got my first one back in the middle of the eighties some time. It was a Commodore CBM 64.

I am a member of Dogberts New Ruling Class. All members of DNRC are intellectually superior people, who will be the ones to take over the world when Dogbert achieves his goal - World Domination! Do you want to be an induhvidual when this happens? A servant of the Ruling Class? Didn't think so. Join, or I claim YOU as my personal slave after the revolution!

When it comes to computers, there is only one thing for me: A PC with Linux! Check out my Links page for som realy useful links to Linux/UNIX resources. Linux is the best 32 bit multitasking PC operating system ever, and as if that's not enough: It runs on an i386 w/4megs RAM - and it's FREE! So buzz off, Bill Gates!

Soh, when I'm not hacking my Linux box, I work as a developer and web-designer for Subnett AS. I also do teaching, as an instructor in web-design, although my homepage may not leave much evidence of that :)

Well, allright - so it wasn't the most impressive resumé you've ever read. But if anything seems unclear, do not hesitate to contact me for a more in-depth explanation on the subject. On second thought... Please don't! Well, that's it for now. The end. Stop reading, this is the end of the resumé!! Get lost, goddammit! There is nothing more! Aaargh!

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