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Errors HQ

Errors HQ BBS is currently being reborn in an "internet edition" (telnet access instead of ye olde Modem Pool). It is now up and running, and accepting users.

Errors HQ is a bulletin board system (bbs) running Kim Heinos' BBBS software for Linux. It can be accessed by telneting to on the default port (23). Here, you will be presented with a login prompt (First/Last name) - to create a new user simply enter your name and follow the instructions.

BBBS is a very feature rich BBS package, well suited for internet use, allowing telnet connection, and sporting a web interface, FTP and internet email. Why use a BBS instead of usenet/www? Well, the old BBSes had their charm, being much smaller communities, bringing people together in a way that internet has never managed. Try it yourself, you will not be disappointed!

WARNING: Errors HQ BBS is still under heavy construction.


Here are some BBS/BBBS resources

  • Errors HQ web interface
  • Errors HQ official page
  • Kim Heinos' BBBS software
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