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Welcome to Eärwen Island

Eärwen Island is a virtual world under construction. Based on the LPMud (MudOS) technology, it is a text-based multiplayer adventure set in a fantasy environment. The goal is to create a massive world for players to explore and interact with.

About MUDs

MUD is short for "Multi User Domain", and was one of the first technologies used to create massively online multiplayer RPGs (MMORPGs). The complete lack of graphics, leaves the perception of the environment up to the players imagination and the creators ability to vividly describe these environments. The focus is, unlike modern FPS games, on playability and user/environment interaction. MUDs allow for things that are not possible or very hard to do with modern gaming technology, which in our opinion makes for a superior gaming experience.

The team

Currently, the development team consists of the following individuals (in alphabetical order):

How to play

The beauty of MUDs is that you don't really need any software to play them - a plain vanilla telnet client - which most operating systems have - will do just fine. There are special clients though, which offer some additional functionality like aliases, macro buttons, mapping features and such. A quick google search for MUD clients should give your some resources.

With your telnet client or mud client, all you have to do is to connect to - that is port 4000 on the server When you login for the first time, you will be asked to create a new character.

First you need to select a name for your character. There are no rules on character naming as of present, except names containing obscene words will be rejected. Now, you need to select a password, then a gender for your characer, and then provide some optional personal information (you do not have to do this).

Now, you get to the race selection section. Different races have different traits, skills and characteristica. If you do not know anything about the races, take a look at the info on them - then decide. Human can be a good starting point, as it is generally a good all-purpose race with decent stats. Mind you, the race you chose is permanent - you do not get to change it, so chose wisely.

Pretty soon, you will find yourself hovering in the skies above an island. Not to worry - simply go down (command "d"), and your feet will be firmly planted on the ground. From here on, you are on your own - free to explore and discover. Here are a few general hints:

  • Talk to people - players and NPCs - they can provide vital information
  • As long as you behave, you're safe within the city walls. You should probably wait a little before going on a rampage outside the city
  • Guilds are essential to your survival, as they provide members with training an other benefits. Find one and join one as soon as possible
  • Hurt? Get some food or drink - it'll do wonders for your health

Want to be a creator?

Maintaining a massive world, keeping consistency, fixing bugs and providing a good gaming experience is not easy, and takes a lot of time. As we who manage the mud have jobs and other things to do, we need the help we can get. If you are interested in joining the creator team, telling me about yourself, what experience you have with MUDs and LPC, and why you want to join the team.

Creator guidelines

Creators need to follow certain guidelines, in order to ensure a quality and consistency of the world we're creating. Here are a few - others may apply or be implicit. If in doubt, ask :)
  • Stick to the theme. This is a fantasy based MUD, so no spaceships or anything like that.
  • Complete rooms - provide a detailed description, and add all items that are present in the description - if only as static AddItem() calls.
  • Interactions - NPCs should serve a purpose, and provide some form of user intereaction (i.e. answer questions etc).
  • Play balance - keep balance in mind when creating rooms/monsters. No dragons in newbie areas, no powerful artifact weapons/armour in easily accessible places etc.
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