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Why is this site in english?

People (fellow norwegians at least) often ask me why my website is entirely in english, when my native language is norwegian. Well, I'll try to answer that here.

The short version is, of course, that I have a lot of friends and visitors to my website who are not norwegian. Since I tend to hang around a lot of rather geeky places, I tend to get a lot of geeky friends. And since most of those geeky places aren't norwegian, I get quite a few friends and aquaintances abroad. Granted, not all of them are english speaking, but english makes for a great common denominator, as most of them speak/read english quite well.

Another thing is, I know for myself how frustrating it is to search the web for information, my search turning up a few interesting pages - that are of course in some language I do not understand. The web is an international medium, and one should try to make the content accessible for as broad an audience as possible. Again - since english is so widely understood, it makes for a good (albeit not perfect) solution to this problem. You might argue that I have no interesting content on my website, so why bother. Well - bleh!!

So, before you start flaming me for not doing my website in norwegian, don't! First of all, I don't care what you think ;) Second, this website is for my own entertainment primarily, but I'm doing my best to make it useful (well, not useful - comprehensible. Sortof) to as many people as possible. So - stop whining, and learn english!!


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