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Privacy statement

Futt dot org does not require you to volunteer personally identifiable information of any kind, nor do we log activities beyond standard web server logs generated by our webserver for statistical and security purposes. These logs are not publicly available - nor will they be passed on to anyone, unless we are required to do so under law.

If you choose to volunteer personal information, e.g. by signing the guestbook, you must ensure that you do not volunteer more information than you are prepared to make public. Should you by accident do so, please contact for removal/modification of this information. Under no cicumstances will said information be sold or passed on to any third party in any form.

Some parts of Futt dot org will set and/or request cookies to/from your browser. These cookies are used to keep track of preferences and other things related to the operation of the website and its functions, and are never used to collect any information pertaining to the users surfing habbits etc.

Users retain copyrights on all submitted material. Please do not submit material copyrighted by any third party, without prior written consent. Excerpts from copyrighted material may be submitted under the Fair Use clause, but please credit the copyright holder.

Warning: submitting information such as your email address may make you a target for SPAM. As spammers often collect email addresses from the web, you may end up in some spammers database. We take what measures we can to avoid this, but we cannot guarantee that this will not happen.

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