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A sample spam complaint

The below quoted email message constitutes UCE (unsolicited commersial email). It appears to originate from your network, or has been forged to look like it does. As I am sure your company has a policy against mail abuse, I hope you will take appropriate action.

For the mail-server/relay administrators information, the entire message, subject and mail header is included in this message. If you are not responsible for this, or you are not the person handling abuse cases, please accept my apologies, and if possible, forward this message to the right person.

Repeated mail-abuse from your network, or failure to take action against mail abusers will be reported to your upstream provider, and may also result in blacklisting with available RBL systems. See: for more information on RBL systems in general, and the MAPS system in particular. See for more information on SPAM, how to stop it, and how to track down the abuser.

This message is also forwarded to any webmasters of websites advertised in the SPAM message. Where applicable, it is also forwarded to the Federal Trade Commision for further investigation.

document name: spamletter
category: Technical

last modified: 06.04.2001 [501 bytes]