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How you get hold of me

These are the options you have if you need to reach me on the net...

PGP key: get it!
Jabber: [email protected]
ICQ: UIN: 6940914 (Lt. Futt) using gabber/linux.
IRC: NICK: Futt, NET: efnet/ircnet.

Geek code

Version: 3.12
GIT/CS d? s+:+(++:++) a- C+++(++++)$ UL++++$ P+++>++++$ L++++$ E--- W+++$ N+@ o? K(+) W--- O-@ M-(--) !V PS+ PE++ Y++ PGP++>+++ t+(++) 5(-) X+(++) R+@ tv-(--) b+++ DI++++@ D+ G+@ e* h*>++ r++ y++++

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Due to the nature of the internet and the inherent insecurity of the protocols used, email and instant messaging/IRC should not be trusted for transmission of confidential information.

In order to ensure the integrity and privacy of internet communication, you should always use encryption software when communicating sensitive information over the internet. The preferred way of transfering such information in a secure manner, is to use E-Mail encrypted with the PGP or GPG encryption software. For links to such software see the links section of my site.

To obtain my public PGP key in order to encrypt communication with me, please download this file and follow the instructions accompanying your version of the PGP software to load the key into your public keyring.

Email encryption is no longer just for the paranoid, or those who are breaking the law. The implementation of email monitoring software such as Carnivore by companies and governments around the world makes privacy an even bigger issue. Our only way to ensure this privacy, is through strong encryption.

As all websites that collect user data or log activities should, I have prepared a privacy statement clearly stating what my intentions are and are not regarding this type of information. Do you have one?

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